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Permanent Makeup & Paramedical Nurse Practitioner


Permanent MakeUp



-Lip Blush-

Paramedical Procedures

-Scar Camouflage-

-Stretch Mark Camouflage-

-Acne Micro-needling-

-Collagen Induction Therapy-

-Radiation Marker CoverUp-

-Areola Restoration-

Body Contouring

-Brazilian Butt Lift-

-Hip Lift-



-Laser Lipo-

Concierge Nursing

-Pre-Surgical Coaching-

-Patient Advocacy-

-After Surgery Recovery-

-Education & Training-



about me.

      The Collective Beauty NP comes from the heart and soul of Tasha Chatman. A  board certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Registered Nurse with over 15 years (with a background in emergency care). I have always been excited about Women's health care and wellness. Understanding women, and the beauty of all women is a pure and emotional state. 

     The definition of beauty, speaks to a combination of qualities that give pleasure to aesthetic senses, which is an emotional, state of mind. I know everyone understands, that our beauty is emotional. I can testify that I have had that emotional feeling of beauty, leaving the hair salon........ no one can tell me anything, I feel beautiful and it shows.

      The Collective Beauty NP is here to offer beauty and nursing services, enhancing your own inner beauty via a collection of services.



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